Sawsan Habbal
Mediation is a cost effective, informal and flexible alternate process of dispute resolution. Parties resolve to reach an agreement with the assistance of a mediator. A mediator is an independent facilitator who helps bring the disputants closer to reaching a settlement by working with them in examining the issues involved. Mediators are neutral and do not make decisions. Their role is to meet the disputants, help them identify, clarify, frame the issues and manage the process deftly to guide the parties towards a settlement. They also provide an independent location for the mediation process. Mediation is often used in family matters, small claims and civil disputes. Eventually, it is for the parties to reach an agreement themselves with the guidance and help of a mediator. Mediators are often lawyers which enables them to help the parties understand their rights and obligations under the law from a neutral perspective instead of the adversarial environment of litigants in a court.

Ms. Habbal is a barrister & solicitor based in Vancouver, B.C since 1995 and a practicing mediator since 2004. She is a member of the Law Society of BC and the B.C. Mediator Roster Society. Ms. Habbal is a specialist in international law, family law, immigration, human rights and civil law. She is also fluent in Arabic and French. She can converse in Spanish and her staff is fluent in Japanese. Her law background augmented by her language skills, have made her a very effective and successful mediator. Her experience in dealing with and understanding parties with cultural and religious diversity, have made her an excellent facilitator in managing the mediation process to a successful and satisfying conclusion for her clients.

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